Ferrero Rocher’s #GoldenExperience in Mumbai & Delhi NCR.

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Today, I’m going to write about how my experience with the team of Ferrero Rocher was, at their #GoldenExperience events in Mumbai, which witnessed the story of Italian creation being unfold.

Ferrero Rocher #GoldenExperience pop-up at Infiniti II Malad, in Mumbai.

Ferrero Rocher #GoldenExperience pop-up at Infiniti II Malad, in Mumbai.

Ferrero brings Italian Chocolate-Making to India

Today is when the most awaited Indian festival, Diwali, enters our homes and lives. To add an extra sparkle to India’s most awaited festive season, the producer of world’s most celebrated praline, Ferrero, created an unforgettable brand experience for its consumers and fans in the country by hosting #GoldenExperience events on the 24th and 25th October 2015, at Infiniti II Malad in Mumbai.

The thought of Ferrero Rocher pralines being created in front of my eyes made me too excited to decline their invitation; so I made sure I did not miss my opportunity to attend their exclusive event in Mumbai, which was hosted in Malad during the last week of October.

Ferrero Rocher flew down their expert chefs all the way from Ferrero’s homeland of Italy, only to provide an exclusive opportunity for residents of Mumbai to witness their world-famous chocolate pralines being crafted with passion and care for the very first time in person.
All smiles at #GoldenExperience event, with Ferrero’s talented chefs from Italy.

I was so excited that Ferrero’s team and I decided to host a contest on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and invite a few lucky winners to witness the unique #GoldenExperience with us. Ferrero Rocher succeeded in bringing the fine art of Italian creation to life, and they definitely did in style!

For those who don’t know already, Ferrero Rocher is made only with the highest quality ingredients, beginning with the hand-picking of the finest of hazelnuts which form the heart of Ferrero Rocher. Those golden creations are then covered with decadent chocolate that the brand strongly believes reflects the elite taste of those who choose to gift them.

Here are a few glimpses from the making session of the world’s finest praline hosted by Ferrero chefs from Italy:
A quick discussion before they begin the demonstration.

Let the chocolate-making begin!

Stuffing and filling it with chocolate, one at a time.

Chocolate inside and then a little chocolate outside too! 

Cool down well, you little ball of joy!

Chef, you’re effortlessly cool and hopelessly in love with chocolate!


Before they rest, chefs covered them in more chocolate! Third time! YAY!

Contest winner (@nehasclicks on Twitter) with the chefs

Ferrero Rocher, created in 1982, has become a global favourite for millions of people around the world. In fact today, it is the world leader in the box chocolate category and is sold in more than 130 countries across 5 continents.
Here’s hoping they continue organising and hosting such #GoldenExperiences in Mumbai & Delhi NCR every year!
Happy Diwali! 

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