About me

I am a 32-year-old food-writer turned food-critic turned food-entrepreneur from Mumbai, popularly known as ‘The Big Bhookad’ on digital and social media since 2009.

As an aspiring food critic, I took it as my sincere responsibility in 2009 to share reliable recommendations from around the world to improve your culinary experiences, travel experiences and praiseworthy branded experiences in food and hospitality. A whole decade later, 10 years later, I have still stuck to that pledge to myself and I hope to do so forever.

Even today, I continue to share genuinely unbiased and honestly opinionated culinary recommendations. Follow me on Instagram for real-time coverage on those recommendable culinary experiences.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, with now over 12 years of full-time work experience behind me, I kick-started my career as a ‘Jr. Creative Writer’ in 2009, immediately after graduating (BMM) at Jai Hind College in Mumbai. 

Today, my life revolves around attending restaurant-launches, organizing or directing food photography requirements for various restaurants or FMCG brands, while I continue to daydream and aspire to also travel around the world occasionally, mainly to explore culinary experiences for my readers. For you.

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