Announcement: The Big Bhookad is now The Big Bhookad™

This letter is an ode to a formless idea, which I am a proud parent of. It’s time for me to stand my ground for The Big Bhookad.

I have a dream, I said, 5 years ago.
A dream where I can fulfil my dream to live, to live to eat.
That’s exactly what I was saying to Snehsha across the table of a bar in Bandra, while being interrupted by an arrogant waiter, who slammed probably our 5th round of repeats, with crunchy chakli and spicy schezwan sauce. That dream came to life precisely 5 years ago, at that bar, in June 2010, when I published my first review on this blog, about a place that everyone chose to go to, but nobody chose to write about: Janata Lunch Home.
Today, I stand humbled and honoured.
Humbled, to have found a place to stay and have people who want to listen to what I have to say. Armed with my pen back in June 2010, I felt a singular urge to uphold a promise – a promise of sincerity, a promise to offer honest personal opinions and a promise to discover the best efforts of the culinary world, especially the newest endeavours, of which I shall strive to bring forth the best and only the best, like I always have.
Honoured, to have found people just like me, passionate about food and eager to read, watch and lend a ear to my culinary adventures and stories. I accept that I have never really had a nemesis larger than the one I face on a day to day basis: myself. I am locked into a perpetual battle to compete and get better today, by being unwilling to let myself rest on the laurels of yesterday.
From better words to an improved overall social experience, The Big Bhookad has strived for 5 years now with his promise of delivering reliable recommendations and also evolving to standards of producing quality content, navigating tide and trends that wait for none.
So cheers to the creation that has taken life, it’s time to announce the smallest, but perhaps the biggest first change.
The Big Bhookad is now…
The Big Bhookad™



Well, that’s not all. For your patience, here’s an exclusive promo from the 2 episodes of “The Big Hunger Challenge” which has been created for a big screen and now we’re looking for appropriate sponsors to help us with entertaining all foodies in India on national television. 

Thank you one and all for your encouragement and support so far. This dream wouldn’t have come true without you. Please feel free to leave your thoughts about the promo of #TheBigHungerChallenge in the comments section below or reach out to me on any of my social platforms unhesitatingly. 

Love & bear hugs, 

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