Khana Bajana: Bacon Be My Hero


Hello, everyone! I love BACON so much that I sang a song about it and produced this music video too!

Khana Bajana #1: Bacon Be My Hero

I love BACON so much that I sang a song about it and produced this video too! Hope Enrique Iglesias and all of you enjoy watching the first ever #KhanaBajana food musical. Which song should I cover next time? Please leave your suggestions in the comments below and like #bacon, be my hero!Performers: Adarsh Munjal & Snehsha Tank.Lyrics: Harish Iyengaar.Director: Anisha Sharma.DOP: Shlok Hassanandani.Sound recording: 7th Day Records.Sound engineer: Lakshman Parsuram.Post production: Saksham Khurana.Equipment: Siddhi Vinayak Vision.Vocals by Adarsh & Anisha.Produced by The Big Bhookad.Special thanks to the Tank family & Bhakti D Chachada for the bacon mascot costume.

Posted by The Big Bhookad on Thursday, 20 July 2017

Last year, I had a crazy idea about singing songs dedicated to my favourite kinds of food and I’m glad after a lot of hard work since October 2016, I’m finally able to share this video with all of you.

Hope Enrique Iglesias​ and all of you enjoyed watching the first ever #KhanaBajana food musical. 😛

Thank you everyone who helped me make this music video possible!

Performers: Adarsh Munjal​ & Snehsha Tank​.
Lyrics: Harish Iyengaar​.
Director: Anisha Sharma​.
DOP: Shlok Hassanandani​.
Sound recording: 7th Day Records​.
Sound engineer: Lakshman Parsuram​.
Post production: Saksham Khurana​.
Equipment: Siddhi Vinayak Vision​.
Vocals by Adarsh & Anisha.
Produced by The Big Bhookad​.

*Special thanks to Snehsha Tank & family for the bacon mascot costume!*

Watch out for more!




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