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Sofitel Hotel, C 57, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai.
Phone022 61175000
Twitter: twitter.com/SofitelMumbai

Sofitel Mumbai at BKC, now serves dinner at Artisan, its magnificently beautiful épicerie, pâtisserie and chocolaterie, every day – 7:00 pm onwards. Their new dinner menu includes sumptuous appetizers, succulent salads, soups, pizzas, pastas, risotto, ravioli and desserts.

While exuding a French feel through its cuisine, the décor of Artisan integrates traditional Indian patterns on its walls, enhanced by the grill works around the restaurant and the massively large floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing foodies to bask in warmth while dining. The community table is set in the center of the restaurant, which is a common part of the French restaurant culture.

The décor, the cuisine, the feel… all make Artisan an ideal place for diners who value an exquisite dinner with a French ambiance. But is the food served by them equally magnificent? Let’s find out.

Chilled Tomato Consomme (with asparagus, peas and tomato basil concasse)

The consomme was surprisingly very refreshing; it was chilled and packed with strong intense flavours. It probably needed a little more basil and required stirring before every sip, as the vegetables sank to the bottom. Overall, the chilled tomato consomme is definitely worth a try. Also, the “welcome-bread” served with a special spread and baby capers was unforgettably delicious!

Minestrone Soup (prawns)

The minestrone soup is usually served with a little bacon but I was in mood for some sea food that night, so I requested the waiter to ask the chef if he could make this with prawns and he was sweet enough to serve me what I wanted. The soup was thick, piping hot, tangy and spicy. The prawns and vegetables in the soup were perfectly cooked. I was also very happy to see zucchini in it. Overall, I’d give this one 4 out of 5.

Marinated Mixed Vegetables (Salad)

Before I say anything else about this dish, I must compliment the chef for his knife-skills. I loved to see how the zucchini, carrots and aubergines were sliced into thin ribbons and dunked into a plate full of herbed olive oil. Since the vegetables were cut into thin strips, they absorbed flavours easily. However, for those who detest seeing too much oil in their food, this can be highly disappointing. The entire dish was floating on oil, so much oil that every time we went to pick a vegetable with our forks, we had to wait for the oil to drip off completely. Otherwise, this could’ve been a flawlessly appetising dish.

Crab Cakes (with salsa di pomodoro)

I’ve rarely had good crab cakes in Mumbai. I usually binge on this dish in Goa and I must say, I was expecting this to be nothing less than extraordinary. Thankfully, it was just perfect – Perfectly crisp on the outside with perfectly cooked crab meat topped with fresh salsa. The combination of tomatoes and basil with succulent crab meat worked really well for me. I’ll definitely go back to Artisan for some more very soon.

Crisps, Mushrooms And Truffle Tortellini

Heaven on a plate! Perfectly cooked tortellinis stuffed with mushrooms and truffle, both complimented each other like childhood sweethearts. However, the superstar of this dish was the thick white sauce, which is served as a side. Vegetarians, this dish offers a perfect ratio of flavours and textures – those parmesan crisps were nothing less than a party in my mouth! I wish they start serving a few more crisps, but that’s the only selfish complaint I have on this flawlessly delicious dish.

Smoked Salmon & Squid Ink Ravioli (with caper butter sauce and arugula)

The taste of smoked salmon holds a lot of emotional value in my heart. It’s something I enjoyed eating throughout my life and when I saw this dish on the menu, I couldn’t stop myself from ordering it. The salmon was intensely smokey, the ravioli was perfectly cooked and the squid ink added great colour to the presentation. However, the hero of this dish was undoubtedly that magnificent caper butter sauce. The arugula leaves could’ve been fresher but after tasting this dish, I realised how hard the chef must’ve worked to design a menu like this at Artisan, which offers excellence in the form of soups, appetisers and mains. Sea food lovers, go try this one blindly!

Four Cheese Pizza

Suddenly many restaurants in Mumbai have started serving four cheese pizzas but a very few make it like it’s supposed to be made – with a careful selection and balanced combination of four cheeses, on a thin crisp base. The aroma of the cheeses completely conquered my olfactory receptors, instantly after they arrived on the table. When you look at the pizza, you wouldn’t be able to spot all the 4 cheeses but the different aromas could tell them apart. The chef definitely knew what he was doing, he got this one bang on target too! It tasted as good as it looked and melted away in my mouth within seconds. No one can eat just one slice of this delicious four cheese pizza!


After such a long flawless run by the chef, I was obviously expecting the desserts to be equally impressive. We all love Tiramisu and I’m sure most of you have also tried this popular dessert at several restaurants in Mumbai. Sadly, the Tiramisu at Artisan wasn’t up to the mark. It was too runny with a blob of ice in the center and the flavour of inadequate coffee on top couldn’t save it from being bland and boring. Now, don’t get me wrong here, it was sweet and edible but nothing more than ordinary.

Sweet Cannelloni with Vanilla Ice Cream and Berry Compote

Never judge a book by its cover and a dish by its presentation. This dish was a perfect example to that quote. The ice cream oddly tasted like broken whipped cream and the cannelloni was oddly brittle. Please avoid ordering this disastrous dish.

Avoiding desserts at Artisan would be a good decision. However, I packed a few chocolates, candies and macarons before I left, and I’d like to recommend their peach chocolates and vanilla macarons.

Rate Card 

What’s Garma-Garam?
The dishes have been carefully selected and created by the chef, especially the appetisers. Vegetarians, don’t leave without trying the marinated vegetables salad and non vegetarians, don’t leave without trying the crab cakes!

What’s Thanda?
There’s a reason why desserts are served as the last course all around the world. It’s the last nail in the coffin and it was disappointing to see Artisan fail with something as simple as Tiramisu.

Dakaar Level
(0.5 deducted for those disastrous desserts)

Will I go back?
For the unforgettable taste of those crab cakes and smoked salmon ravioli – HELL YES!

Happy Hogging! 🙂

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  • wonderthoughts

    Written on October 14, 2013

    …but perhaps you should have deducted just 0.5 points for the desserts and given an overall score of 4.5 (out of 5) from how wonderful the main meal sounds as per your article above.

    Lovely review nevertheless…I need to run and try those crab cakes now -:))


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