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The Hollywood Menu @ CPK India

Address: All outlets of California Pizza Kitchen in India.



The pioneers of californian-style pizza are trying their best to woo you, making you fall in love with new additions to their existing menu. The brand new “Hollywood Menu” includes a couple of cocktails, pastas and 5 special pizzas – including Hawaiian Chicken & Grilled Pineapple Pizza, Jamaican Jerk & Chicken Pizza and Deli Style Bistro Pizza.

Pasta lovers can look forward to the new Spaghetti Carretierra and Mediterranean Roasted Mushroom Spaghettini. CPK will now also serve Peri Peri Chicken and a trio of white chocolate, strawberry and dark chocolate mousse called California Delight.

The Hollywood Menu” will be promoted at all outlets of California Pizza Kitchen in India from 24th February to 16th March 2014.



Was the food as promising as it sounds?
Keep reading to find out.


Mango Mint Ecstasy (Mocktail @ Rs. 195)

The combination of smooth mango pulp with sweet and sour orange cubes pleased our palates equally. The crushed mint leaves acted as a catalyst that married contrasting flavours and textures flawlessly. Sinners, add your poison to this mocktail instead of ordering a cocktail, and enjoy temporary nirvana with this ecstasy.


Men In Black (Cocktail @ Rs. 299)

After tasting the Mango Mint Ecstasy, I was expecting this cocktail to be equally impressive. Sadly, it wasn’t even good enough to warrant a second sip. It was too strong before I mixed it, and too mild afterwards. The flavours didn’t mask the intensity of vodka adequately and if you still ordered it despite reading this, you’d have yourself to blame.


The Spicy Sonora Pizza (9″ for Rs. 545 and 14″ for Rs. 705) 

Have you ever tried a pizza that tastes like fresh and spicy salsa? Here’s your chance! The Spicy Sonora pizza on The Hollywood Menu is prepared with housemade special corn & black bean salsa, which elevates the flavours of toppings like spicy smoked chicken, tomatoes and cilantro brilliantly. The chicken was tender and it was cooked to perfection. After the first bite, we couldn’t stop ourselves from having only one slice. Don’t forget to try this one, guys!


Rustica Pizza (9″ for Rs. 445 and 14″ for Rs. 605)

This was CPK’s version of the Italian classic pizza – topped with grilled zucchini, sautéed white mushrooms, green olives and capers, spread on a thin, crispy crust. The pizza boasted of a spectacular combination of spices, flavours and earthiness, thanks to the sautéed white mushrooms. The olives and capers were the real heroes of this dish. Non vegetarians, you can add chicken to this pizza for Rs. 70 only.


California Peri Peri Chicken (Speciality; Rs. 575)

CPK claimed this to be one of their special dishes and after tasting it, I’d like to say they were right. Perfectly cooked boneless chicken grilled with housemade spicy peri peri marinade was served with a spicy creamy sauce and tossed exotic vegetables. If you love chicken, the possibility of you disliking this dish would be extremely rare. Clearly the best dish of that night; order this one blindly please.



Spaghetti Carretierra (Rs. 425)
The spaghetti was silky and the creamy sauce was beautifully tangy – just the way I like my spaghetti. This was a simple dish with minimal ingredients like red chillies, rocket leaves and bocconcini (baby mozzarella cheese) – which looked like boiled eggs, but now you’ve been informed. Vegetarians and spaghetti lovers, this would definitely make you happy. Non vegetarians, don’t forget to add smoked chicken to this dish, just like I did.




Jamaican Jerk & Chicken Pizza (9″ for Rs. 545 and 14″ for Rs. 705) 
Regular crust was smeared with spicy & sweet Caribbean sauce and authentic Jamaican spices, topped with garlic chicken, roasted peppers and plenty of sliced red onions. I decided to add bacon (for Rs. 65) to it too and I wish I wouldn’t have done that. The bacon was burnt, oddly smelly and unacceptably chewy. The crust didn’t seem fresh and wasn’t half as enjoyable as thin crust pizzas we tried earlier that night. I advise you all to avoid ordering this one.



California Delight (Rs. 215)
Do you wish to eat a trio of white chocolate, strawberry and dark chocolate mousse together sometimes? Your wish has now come true. California Delight stands alone as the only dessert on this special menu and it won’t disappoint you. The combination of all 3 mousses work beautifully with crispy pizza-base almond praline and chunks of cranberries. Great dish and great presentation too!




Tiramisu (not on this special menu)
If you, like me, can’t end a meal with just one dessert, don’t forget to try California Pizza Kitchen’s famous Tiramisu. However, this one’s on their permanent menu, not on this special menu. The joy of watching cream flow into the plate before you taste it, will multiply by ten times when you have your first bite. It was light, not too sweet and set perfectly in the refrigerator before being served. Easily one of the best tiramisu available in Mumbai today.




Whereas the culinary experience was decent, we were expecting to see much more creativity with the theme of Hollywood. Overall, the theme seemed namesake to us.


Rate Card 


What’s Garma-Garam?
The presentation of their food is spectacular. Also, their peri peri chicken; I won’t be surprised if I dream about it tonight.


What’s Thanda?
Lack of creativity in designing a strong promotional concept.


Dakaar Level


Will I go back?
For a couple of dishes; yup, definitely.


Happy hogging! 🙂

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