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Here’s a new blog post for all my readers, disclosing my newest healthy fixation – exotic tea. Enjoyed as multiple refreshments throughout the first week of May, I’ve tried to recapture some of my best moments during that week. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading about this experience.

< Three boxes of tea received during the last week of April >

< In a nutshell, this is the story of The Hillcart Tales >

Steeped in rich history and armed with master blending expertise across several generations, The Hillcart Tales began its journey over a hundred years ago when walking through expansive tea gardens stirred the beginning of a deep love for tea in Ashutosh Ghosh. While strolling through gardens that are bathed in mellow sunlight against the backdrop of the majestic Kanchenjunga, who wouldn’t fall in love with tea?

Drawing from his own inspiration, Ashutosh travelled far and wide across the world to study distinctive characters and kinds of teas. He patiently and meticulously developed blends that harmonized nuances of one tea with another. The journey of sourcing and blending rare teas led to his establishment as an eminent trader who launched his first venture of handcrafted blends at Harrison road in Calcutta, and that’s how their legacy was born.

Their oldest recipes of tea trace back to the 1890s and The Hillcart Tales blends different recipes of tea even today and continues to reflect Ashutosh’s unique tea heritage. The generations after have stoked the flames and carried the beacon that culminated in The Hillcart Tales.

< Evergreen, Ebony and Exotic Melange – click to know more >

Sourced from the most revered and beautiful gardens of the world, their exemplary and limited harvest teas represent nature’s variety. The true character of each tea is presented in a muslin tea bag and singularly packaged pouches for each bag – sealed to keep all aromas and flavours intact. Their packaging is vibrant and effortlessly driven for every tea drinker’s utility and convenience.

After receiving my order, I decided to try the Ebony Melange first on the following day. The pack described it to have robust flavours of black tea in savoury characters and deep undertones.

I was born and raised in a traditional Sindhi-Punjabi household where we eat ‘koki’ (crisp onion parathas) made by my mom for breakfast even today. The combination of this black tea worked perfectly well with this ghee-glazed goodness and if you like your chai with milk (and sugar), I suggest you add some to this blend like my mom preferred to have it.

< Koki, jeera butter aur Assami chai >

After trying their black tea, I was eager to try their range of assorted rich and delicious dessert teas. The exotic pack included 4 different kinds of tea – Tiramisu Delight, Lemon Cake, Caramel Dream and Apple Strudel, which has been recommended to be savoured as a light brew with no milk or sugar.

< Exotic Melange | assorted tea >

< Hazelnut eclair with Tiramisu Delight Tea >

With nuances of ample taste and flavours, this assortment was best savoured by us with a cheesecake or a tiramisu purchased (along with some hot water) from a patisserie nearby – after a long walk post-lunch and pre-sunset. Before you leave home for your walk, don’t forget to carry a cup in your pocket or your car like I did!

Trust me, enjoying a cup outside could be memorable. Please note: all exotic tea variants are best enjoyed without milk or sugar.

< Mango cheesecake from Theobroma enjoyed with Lemon Cake at The Walk in Thane >

The best part about tasting and reviewing all these different kinds of tea since the last two weeks was to enjoy more tea-breaks with Maa and relish her lovingly cooked snacks.

< Four variants inside the Evergreen Melange box >

One of my mom’s favourite tea-time snacks to cook and enjoy has always been the insanely famous light and fluffy khaman dhokla – which doesn’t take her more than 15 minutes to prepare on any day. Both of us enjoyed the natural honey flavour infused with lemon in this invigorating variant of green tea.

< Honey Limon Tea by The Hillcart Tales >

It was sweet and it seamlessly complimented her dhoklas as a perfectly refreshing beverage. The natural flavours of soothing honey and enlivening lemon give this blend its smooth yet complex and strong citrusy taste.

< Khaman Dhokla with Honey Limon Tea >

Out of all the different kinds of tea I tried (more than 8 variants), my favourite has to be their Blood Orange – which can be enjoyed as a hot or a cold beverage.  It’s deep orange in colour, aromatic and delicious with delicate notes of honey and the effervescence of juicy citrusy oranges.

This delectable hot and cold tisane is best enjoyed (without milk or sugar) with fruits or just on its own without any accompaniments.

< Blood Orange Tea with Orange Tea Cake >

For more than a century, The Hillcart Tales has fine-blended rare and unique teas; carefully selected to give refreshing flavours, invigorating aromas and well-rounded characters – for every perfect tea connoisseur and every new beginner like me.

To know more about their wide range of products or if you’re interested to make a purchase, please visit www.thehillcarttales.com.

People in Mumbai can get their hands on this range of premium and exotic tea at Nature’s Basket and Neelam Foodland as well.

Happy sipping! 🙂


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