• uber vs ola

To follow the law or not? What’s a dish without a pinch of salt?

  • uber vs ola

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I don’t usually choose to write about my opinions on anything else apart from food, especially on this blog, but being a social junkie, I’ve been reading a lot about the turf war between Ola and Uber, and I am amazed to see how it has gone so far into the blogosphere and social media.

Both cab aggregators in their own ways have benefitted commuters and simultaneously improved livelihood of drivers. Technology is solving most of the problems faced by common people. The same technology has made possible, for people like me and you to hop on a Kaali Peeli or any cab as and when I want. So, here I thought of moving beyond Roti just this time and write a bit on probably the most influential and important aspect beyond Roti, Kapda aur Makaan which is Gaadi or transportation!

uber vs ola
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What you are going to read below, are my personal opinions and everything I have to say, has nothingto do with which side I’m on. This attempt is only and solely to share my unbiased thoughts on the entire debate around the flouting Indian laws, as neutrally as possible. I’m nothing more than just another customer or commuter in Mumbai, who chooses to opt for kaali peeli, Ola or Uber, when I need to travel within the city.

So what was happening?

Recently the state transport department of Karnataka issued a licence to Ola under the On-Demand Transportation Technology Aggregators Rules 2016. Ramegowda, Karnataka’s state transport commissioner where he said: “We have issued licences to Ola and now they can operate under the conditions of the rules.” This is important because Karnataka is the first state and Maharashtra is looking to take inspiration from there!

However, Uber has not obtained a licence from the Karnataka Government, only because they are yet to provide all the required details – said a joint commissioner at Karnataka’s transport department. You can read more about this on Mint.

Uber had started and stated in their petition that the government “appears to be coming up with new requirements on a daily basis, bordering on the absurd”.

Approximately 2 weeks ago, Uber wrote in a blog post that Ola is making “baseless allegations” to “confound and complicate matters,” even as the San Francisco based company finds itself on a sticky wicket with the Karnataka government; with which it is at odds over regulations governing taxi aggregators.

So what is happening now?

This controversy began to heat up after Ola filed an affidavit before the Karnataka High Court on 27thJune, accusing their rival Uber of flouting the rules, and roping in white board (non-passenger) vehicles to offer taxi services.

Instead of submitting progress on their compliance and adherence to law, Uber started a tangent view to distract people. They tried to play a card with ‘nationalism’ in perspective, instead of complying to the order given to them.

Internationally too, media reports say, that Uber has been a law-breaker throughout. Meru, in fact, has listed down the unlawful practices by Uber in its blog. You can read all about that here.

Why should established companies like Uber NOT follow rules? Uber, while contributing to the livelihoods of thousands, possibly without their consent turn them into law-breakers. The law is the law, it treats and applies to everyone equally. None of us can be under or over it.


Ola Vs Uber | Swadesi vs Pardesi

I have both your applications on my mobile phone and I opt for both of your services frequently. Though I love these gossips and charcha over chai but like my mum always says, hogging too much biriyani ain’t that good for my tummy. Uber, please stop rebelling against the law. Kindly overcome your legal obstacles and focus on making the experience better for all your customers like me.

I’d like to end this unusual rant of mine with what my new favourite comedian, Zakir Khan, shared on YouTube recently: koi baat nahi. Toh koi baat nahi yaar, let’s grow like adults without violating the law and becoming serial offenders.

Keep calm and ride with peace.

Regards and bear hugs from yours truly,
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